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On behalf of the Management Team I have the pleasure to give you the warmest welcome to the website of the Conservatory of Music “Joaquín Rodrigo” of Valencia, a center with over 130 years of existence and a long tradition in higher musical education. Since its establishment, with the auspices of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country in the year 1879- the Conservatory of Music in Valencia has been one of the deans centers, assuming a teaching model of the performing arts in Spain and authentic reference in the Spanish artistic and musical training. Thus, numerous personalities of the music throughout history were formed in our center or were teachers of the same, and are also countless alumni who nurture professional orchestras and bands, both nationally and internationally -divulging the name of the conservatory for the best concert halls in the world or are teachers of countless conservatories throughout Spain.

Our educational offer which meets the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, part of the Higher Institute of Art Education of the Valencian Community (ISEACV)- offers you the opportunity to pursue higher education music of all instruments, vocals and theoretical, with different options: Interpretation, Research, Creation, Sonología, Education and Jazz. the option to pursue graduate studies in the Master of Art Education in Interpretation Music and Performative Research and Master of Art Education in Operatic Performance is also contemplated.

Our center consists of two buildings: The teaching building with library, music library and video library, classrooms and study booths, classroom and recording studio electroacoustic composition with high-end technology. Auditorium with a capacity of 474 seats, has a drawbridge pit orchestra that allows the representation of stage music.

The conservatory model to which we aspire is that of an open society as a whole, as a genuine public service center. A center that promotes educational, artistic and research, able to achieve the levels of training excellence to which we aspire, open to new international avant-garde art and the pursuit of interpretive resources for new creations activity, but without abandoning the traditions native.

I thank you for visiting our website and I invite you to navigate for her so that you may know us. I hope this is your center.

Mª Dolores Tomás Calatayud, directora.